15 Caffeine-Free Drinks That Give You All Day Energy

6950418373_5478de8eb7_bPhoto credit: CC license  by stevendepolo

Ever since humans have been manufacturing their own drinks, caffeinated ones have been at the forefront. Whether the drinks were for a cultural reason, like tea in Japan, or a productivity one, like coffee in the morning, everyone gets their caffeine fix somehow. But caffeine is no longer the only way that people are getting their mornings started.

1. Wheatgrass Juice

You may have heard of your more Bohemian friends taking shots of wheatgrass to ‘clean their system’ and ‘give them a boost’ and rolled your eyes, but there is truth to using wheatgrass as your pick -me-up! Wheatgrass is typically sprouted at your home, but can be bought, and then blended into a smoothie like consistency and poured into shots. Wheatgrass is full of antioxidants and nutrition and will also increase your energy levels. If you are averse to the taste, try adding a little bit of fruit to the blend.

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