16 Celebrities Who Made Extreme Physical Changes For Movie Roles

Christian BalePhoto credit: CC license by bayerberg

It’s a Friday night. You’re home after a long week, just looking to relax and watch a movie. After scrambling around your collection for a few minutes, you pop in a film you’ve heard about but have yet to see—The Machinist. Just as you lean back and start enjoying the movie, a 6 feet, 122 pounds Christian Bale appears on screen and you sit up, startled: “Is that really him?!”
The truth is that a lot of celebrities undergo body transformations to the point where they’re unrecognizable in order to fulfill acting roles, address health concerns, or simply change their body image. Let’s take a look at some of the success stories of extreme weight loss and how they did it.

1. Christian Bale

The list begins with the aforementioned Bale, a method actor who lost 63 pounds to play the titular character of The Machinist. Bale revealed that he lived on a diet of supplements to keep him alive as he starved and over-exercised himself down to a measly 122 pounds.

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