15 Food Swaps That Cut Calories But Still Let You To Eat Like A Kid

fresh orange juice and sliced oranges fruits isolated on whitePhoto credit: Bigstock

Gone are the days when the rule book said that in order to be healthy or to lose weight, you needed to cut out certain foods entirely. You can make healthy food swaps so that you can get the best of both worlds: the taste you want and the nutrition you need. Listed below are 15 healthy food swaps that will keep you happy and satisfied.

1. Bowl of sliced oranges vs. a glass of orange juice

If you’re thinking “orange smorange”, think again. It’s not all the same. A single glass of orange juice has almost 24 grams of sugar, while a single, sliced up orange has 12. Too much sugar causes your insulin to spike, making your body hold on to fat.

You can still enjoy fast food, but with a lot less calories and fat with this next swap………

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