21 Tips For Belly Fat You Can Learn From Kim Kardashian

Many women compare their bodies to Kim Kardashian's body. And those same women are wondering how she lost all the post-baby fat. Even though she kept her weight struggles hidden at first, she is open with tips and advice now.

19 Easy Tips To Help Lose Tummy Fat

When you have seemingly tried everything to get rid of tummy fat, it is understandable that frustration is the result. However, this does not have to be the case because there are still strategies you can employ to whittle that tummy fat away.
Low-Carb Diet

19 Diets That May Actually Work

With so many diets out there, how do we know which really work and which are hype? It helps to have some real information in front of you when deciding which ones to try. In the end, trial and error is the sure-fire way to make this determination.

19 Crazy Celebrity Diet Tricks

If you're a celebrity, it's your job to look great and keep your weight down. Whether they've needed to drop pounds for a role or to impress on the red carpet, plenty of celebs have turned to diet tricks to take off the weight.
lean protein

17 Trendy Diets Explained!

Eat more protein, cut out carbs, lose the gluten, and skip meals twice a week. It seems like a new trendy diet pops up everyday. Each one promises to help you lose weight, but only some live up to the hype.

17 Simple Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Exercising doesn’t have to be painful or difficult. In fact, once you get the hang of it, exercise can be enjoyable and very beneficial as part of a weight loss regimen. Here I’ll share with you some simple ways to strengthen your muscles and lose some weight.
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18 Odd Foods That People Have Tried For Weight Loss

While everyone's weight loss goals differ just as every person's body does, there are also varying food choices as well. However, some of these food choices are odd choices when it comes to fueling weight loss.