Yogurt and Bananas

17 Delicious Low-Calorie Breakfasts

You always hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day; turns out, the old cliche is correct. In addition to staving off snacking all morning and afternoon, a decent breakfast will amp up your metabolism.

17 Cleanses That Actually Work

Suggested by Ayurvedic medicine, this cleanse focuses on equalizing the amounts of different foods that are eaten. During this cleanse, you want to eat equal portions of meat, vegetables, grains and fruit to provide your body with a diversity of taste why simultaneously reducing the amount of fat that is consumed.
Anne Hathaway

17 Celebrities Who Had Dramatic Weight Shifts For Roles

Hathaway isn't afraid to ditch a little body fat in pursuit of a killer role. For her turn as Fantine in Les Miserables, she snacked on oatmeal paste to mimic the body-ravaging effects of her character's tuberculosis, and to squeeze into Catwoman's famously sleek suit, she's said to have stuck to a tasty-sounding menu of "kale and dust."

17 Celebrities And Their Wacky Weight Loss Tricks

It isn't uncommon to hear of a celebrity who wants to lose weight, or of the strange ways to they went about doing so. However, there are wacky weight loss tricks that some celebrities are embarking upon that are making many shake their heads.
Pack Tennis Shoes

16 Ways To Keep Your Weight Loss On Track While Vacationing.

Finally, finally, you've managed to press the pause button on your super stressful life and escape for a few days -- or if you're really lucky, a few weeks! Problem is, if you're in the midst of a concerted weight loss effort, you could very well halt all progress during your vacation, or worse, pack on several extra pounds.

16 Miraculous Low-Calorie Foods That Make You Feel Full

For many dieters, the hardest thing to sticking to a low calorie routine is dealing with the continued hunger pains. If you're struggling with a grumbling tummy, there's a good chance that you're not eating the right food.

16 Foods That Will Fight Fat!

Whoever said that burning fat had to be this merciless process likened to having a hot iron pressed against your stomach? Oh wait, lots of people. Well, it seems maybe they weren’t so right.