15 Reasons NOT To Jump On The Gluten-Free Bandwagon

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Scarcely a day goes by when you don’t hear someone at a restaurant table ask for a gluten-free menu or see some major food manufacturer boast about their “new and improved” gluten-free food. Vilified by opponents, gluten has become the source of all evil in this world. If gluten were a person, it would kick puppies. But joining in on the gluten-free craze could have some disastrous results. Here’s why you shouldn’t kick gluten to the curb just yet.

1. You’re probably not the 1%

Doctors estimate that around 1 to 3% of the population has celiac disease, which is an affliction that causes a person’s body to attack its own intestines when gluten is eaten. Gluten is a deadly substance for true celiacs, but there’s a good chance you’re not one of them. Your bloated tummy is probably from the artificial sugar in that soda you just drank, not the wheat in your turkey sandwich.

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