16 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself

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There is only thing worse than a starvation diet and that is quitting before you lose any weight. Most people just cannot tolerate crash diets – and that is because they are incredibly unhealthy. Here are 16 insanely simple ways to lose weight without starving yourself silly.

1. Guzzle a glass of water before every meal

Drink an 8-oz glass of water – not pop, not coffee, not alcohol – before each meal. Drink it quickly to fill up your stomach with empty calories immediately before you eat. While coffee has no calories and acts as a diuretic, meaning it might cause temporary weight loss because it makes you pee frequently, it is hard to gulp down a steamy cup of coffee quickly enough to make your stomach feel full. Pop and alcohol contain calories; diet pop has artificial chemicals that may be bad for your health and some research suggests diet pop actually makes you gain weight. If you guzzle eight ounces of alcohol, you will likely be too smashed to eat your meal.

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