The 15 Worst Items To Order Off A Fast Food Menu

8991031467_d99cff35b6_bPhoto credit: CC license  by akash.mehra

“Try a salad, why don’t you?” is one way that fast food restaurants show they’re serious about offering healthy options. Nutritionists, however, will tell you that the healthiest option is not to patronize these places at all, since while they are taking baby steps, most still have a long ways to go before they actually offer true healthy menu choices. If you’re trying to be health-conscious and not ruin your diet, then avoid these menu items at all costs.

1. Salads

No one has any problems with the greens themselves. But once you start throwing in fatty dressings and toppings, then you’re just undoing your good intentions. The Jack in the Box Bacon Ranch Dressing, for instance, offers 260 calories, an impressive 700 mg of sodium and 26 g of total fat. McDonald’s Newman’s Own Ranch has 4 of sugar and 20 mg of cholesterol.

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